2012 Baltimore Marathon! Here I come! (written 3/14/2012)

IT’S OFFICIAL! I finally signed up for the “Half Marathon” that is. (What? that’s still a 13.1 mile run, definitely not your average 5k run)

As I start to think–I realize that I have been a “Wanna-be Runner” for 5yrs now. However, when I say “wanna-be runner” I mean I somehow am not consistent in running every day or week or sometimes miss a month here and there. (again, what! stop making that face. I can’t help it if work and life get’s in the way) BUT, I am definitely going to get my game ON, for this. Though the thought of it makes me nervous, I am very excited! OH! and then a friend shared this!! http://runforyourlives.com/  A Zombie Infested 5k Obstacle course race 2 weeks later! Genius!! to who thought of the concept! hopefully I should be recovered and sign up for this. Ok, enough of my wanna-be-runner rant. Later!


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