A New Years State of Mind (written 1/5/2012)

Finally Happy New Year,  to everyone!

So I’ve been thinking. Usually everyone makes a specific resolution for the New Year, which they want to achieve. But I think that always fails, after 2-3months down the road.

2011, had way too many dark moments. So many things went wrong, from taking the worst job ever–after getting laid off in 2010, to financial issues, to my mothers passing, to losing my childhood home–to foreclosure. I believe, that 2011 was rock bottom of my mental and physical life. But like the saying goes, “it can only go up, once you hit rock bottom”.

So for this 2012, its about focusing on Love, Happiness, Family, Friends and most important Health. I will not let this chaotic world, give me a heart attack at my young age, that has barley begun. I have steered clear from the people that could possibly hold me back. I am dedicated on making and molding the life I want to live, with my little one. The great thing about this resolution of mine is, that I started it 5 months ago, and 1 week before the New Year into 2012–I have been at it with full-speed ahead.

Needless to say, I am very excited to see what 2012 brings, because things just keep getting better and better.


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