Am I ready to take on my 1st Half Marathon? (written 1/25/12)

Since 2007, I have have signed up for for the Marine Corps Marathon, in DC twice…

Don’t get your hopes up, because I never made it to neither one of them. Unfortunately, life as usual, has its way of changing your plans. The first time I registered in 2008, during training I started to have back pains–only to find out that I would need my gall bladder taken out (strike 1). Then the second time I registered in 2010, only to have a ankle injury from training (strike 2).

So here I am contemplating if I want to register for the Baltimore Half Marathon, in October this year. The first two I registered were for the full Marathon, but maybe those were signs that I wasn’t ready since I’m technically not a runner…You ask if not a runner then Why? Well, one I’m a Libra it would be an awesome challenge. Two, I want that Bumper MAGNET!! 13.1, I get jealous every time I see one on a car. Three, well It would also be an awesome accomplishment for my well being and have the privilege to say, “Oh yea! I’ve  done a Half-Marathon before”, lol.

I shall contemplate it a little more…and then let you know my decision. 🙂


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