Back to running. (written 5/7/2012)

So I took that x-ray, interesting enough it came back normal. But I will discuss it further with my doctor on Fridays appointment. Especially since, I still got a muscle spasm looking down into my purse, which sat on top of my cars trunk. (signs of age starting to show, who would have thought that–when I was teen, lol)

Anyway, after 2 long weeks of rest, I went for a 2 mile run Saturday, it felt great. Rested Sunday and ran another 2miles this morning…simply awesome. I think that’s what I need to do, run every other day for now instead of everyday. I think that was a close call to injury, since I am still a wanna-be-runner. Let’s see how this week goes with my runs and body toning in between.

PS. I think I am closer to the focus I need, to keep training for my 13.1 in October.


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