Bumper Sticker 13.1 (written 4/13/2012)

Well, it’s been almost one week that I haven’t been able to run as schedule. All thanks to my lil ones’ SPRING BREAK from school. It was like attaching the umbilical cord again, everywhere I went, she went. Then on top of it the family celebrated her birthday–so many times over the break, then just “one day”. (Yea, she’s an only child, but I love her!)…for some reason I started to hear the “My buddy-my buddy my-buddy” 80’s doll commercial song in my head, and then the “Kid-sitter kid sitter”, OK I got issues I know. Here’s the song I’m talking about, lol

Anyway guilt which turns into laziness sometimes gets the best of me, when I fall off track in my running. I mean I work my day job, freelance on the side, I’m a single mom, and deal with daily life things, OH! and a PTA mom on the board, smh. I know you just have to make the best of it, but I’m so determined to really do my first Half-Marathon. I just envy the drivers in front of me or that pass me on the highway with  bumper stickers reading “13.1” lol. (dam-it! I want one!) Not to say the least, ones that have BOTH stickers “13.1” and “26.2”.


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