Euphoric Stage (come again?) (written 5/17/2012)

Ok after recovery from my back pains, it’s so far been 2 weeks of consistent running with no problems. Also, this week I started weight-training finally and created a workout from a couple programs I read on (Totally awesome move!) As soon as I started implementing free-weights, hooolly !@#$ %! those endorphins that I use to recognize in my college years, kicked in! It triggered the old gym-rat in me.

When I registered for the Baltimore Festival Half Marathon, I started to slowly change the way I ate. But as of today it finally went into full gear mode, my kitchen, freezer and cabinets no longer contain mouth watering temptations. If there’s a craving, I have the things I need that are good for my body. Also, I have slowly “manipulated” my 7yr old to trying things I am eating, and though it’s been hit or miss, she loves most of the new dinner dishes I have introduced for us (Thank you to my favorite site  and now

I leave you with a clip I saw on bodybuilding site on Duffy Gaver, and I know it will be hard to not pay attention to the AWESOME Avengers Movie scenes…But really listen to what Gaver says, he keeps it real.  My favorite part of the clip “They don’t own fitness, YOU ARE Fitness,” oh and the “Get your FAT !@#$ off the Couch!” sigh awesome.  Check it out.


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