Inconsistent Training Runs and Blog Posting (written 4/20/2012)

Yes, I know I suck for not posting consistently. Also matches my running schedule this week, which I ran only 2miles on Monday. So now I have punished myself and will be running the stadium stairs at UMUC. A friend of mine invited me, normally I would say no way, but my bum has been lazy. I hope running stairs teaches me a lesson!

It’s just so hard to be a consistent runner during the week and at 430pm when that sun still beaming…. Ok-ok it was beaming yesterday and it wasn’t that hot, but ugh lol. Instead I decided to walk the neighborhood and collect signatures for the petition going on. OH! and our 5 month old puppy we got in January, finally knows how to walk with us on a leash! (sorry I know, random throw from the left field, but it was exciting to see). Anyway, I hope to run 2miles today as soon as a I get home from work, before picking the lil one up from soccer.


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