Please not FATE again!! (written 4/23/2012)

So there’s something about fate and running that is starting to piss me off. As I have mentioned the 2 times I signed up for full marathons–FATE has got in the way. Gall Bladder surgery and sprained ankle, just short of days/weeks from the race.

So this weekend I start to have lower back pains and then rise up my back with not pain but a feeling like a need a real good POP. I know I had mentioned the tenderness in my back to the Doc last week. So she gave me a referral to a lumbar x-ray (which I need to pick a day for it, soon) Anyway, the fact that she mentioned a bumpiness on the left side of my spine and smoothness on my right–has me more alert to any pains/weirdness feelings in my back. WHY!! WTH! So of course I miss out on more running and let alone couldn’t make it to the Stadium Stair running with my friend. I don’t want to jack my back up.

So today I sit here and think…”Please Please let this not be fate again and stop me from my half marathon trainings.” Sigh. to be continued…I need to make some calls and set up x-ray appointments, along with a chiropractor one. FML.


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