Right side of my brain (creative rant) (written 2/24/2012)

As a creative person, I have to say I am loosing my touch–when it comes to drawing. It all seemed to stop when I thought I was going to pursue photography, then by the time I decided to become a graphic designer, my drawing skills seem to have gotten rustier and rustier (I know weird, should be the opposite some-what).

But being a single mom and trying to “make life, then live life,” as Maya Angelou said once. I think it’s time I take a step back and get in touch with the right side of my brain. Just yesterday I picked up some drawing books from the library, granted they were from the kids section, lol. But hey, they were pretty great books with basic drawing foundations, which I remember using in figure drawing classes–in college. So this weekend while the little one is gone, I will pick up my dusty lead pencils and see what I get.

Perhaps I will share my first rusty sketches on the next post.


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