Wanna-Be-Runner Gets Excited (written 3/29/2012)

So this week on Tuesday, I walked into the Apple store to pick up my daughters birthday present. While I was waiting for my package to come to the front, I headed over the the section where the Nike+ gadgets were hanging.

I always wanted one of these lil suckers for running, they seemed very cool. I remember wanting to buy one, when I first signed up for a Full Marathon (2008) that I never made it to–due to a gall bladder surgery I had. Anyway, the second time around I thought about it again was when, I signed up for another Full Marathon (2010) but didn’t make it either because of an ankle injury–during training.

FINALLY, I GOT IT!!! (3/27/2012) and yes I did sign-up for another Marathon. Only this time for a Half-Marathon. So I tried it for the first time yesterday for my afternoon 2mile run and I was shocked at the end of my run. Normally I use my running app on my EVO, and all last week it claimed that I ran at a pace of 15min per mile. Yesterday… 12min per mile! HA! Now I’m so pumped to see my progress over the weeks with the Nike+  along side my Nike.com account that will now record my runs.


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