YAY my first 13.1! But life is too busy with a hint of drama. (written 10/11/2012)

Yea, I’ve been out of touch with my promise of blogging. But what can I say…LIFE-yup that’s what happens. I remember when I started Blogging I had so much free time for a moment there, then I decided to take up more freelance along with my day job….Oh AND then became a PTA Mom….AND then as naive as I could be, I stepped up to a leadership role in the PTA <–(I really didn’t think this through).

Now, I have no time for anything, and recently face PTA Drama…which I must have been oblivious/naive to, because I had NO idea it existed in PTA’s (WTH was I thinking?). Let’s just say, I can’t wait for the school year to be over and start nominations in June (MAN that’s a long time from now).

Besides ALL THAT!! This Saturday will be my first Half Marathon in Baltimore! Yay! I’m excited, nervous, worried and did I say excited!!! lol. Anyway, with so many things coming on to my plate the last 3 months, I have a feeling I’m not ready for the race. But you know what it’s about? It’s about doing your best and completing at your pace, well within the time limit you have that is. X-fingers lets hope I do.

So like a quote I saw today at the EXPO at M&T Bank Stadium, I leave you with this…

“If you see me on the ground, please drag me across the finish line”

13.1 GAME ON!!!!


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