My Tiny Recap end to 2012.

Finally have my old posts up and now to start a new one for this year, so lets update–shall we.

So I did in fact accomplish my goal in running my first Half Marathon last year at the 2012 Baltimore Running Festival. The experience was awesome, and yes I would so do it again. What was my timing you ask? Well…I wasn’t doing it for time, as I am a slow runner. It was more for the challenge and the fact that it can be doable if you put your mind to it. Ok-ok it took me 4 hours, but damn proud of it. I even got a medal look!! And I have to admit, I was feeling my gear, lol.


Anyway, that was a huge accomplishment for me, I never thought I would finally do it. Only thing I did wish was that my mother were still living to have seen it, being that she was a former athlete herself.

Also 3 weeks later, I surprised my daughter with tickets to the Justin Bieber, “Believe” Tour, she was sooo excited. I remember the night I decided I would get her tickets to the concert. It was a Red-box night, and we rented “Never Say Never” (6-7months before the concert). That night she mentioned  with her lil face filled of amazement, “Wow mommy I wished I was there, it looks so awesome”, and sure enough I started looking for dates for the next tour the very next morning, the things we do for our kids. Gotta love them.430044_514133735655_1744568278_n598458_514504417805_1354584768_n


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