12 week challenge faced with…challenges.

Last week on Monday, January 7 I decided I would start the bodybuilding.com challenge. It’s basically a 12 week competition to transform your body. There are no catches what so ever, so I had nothing to lose then my dignity on submitting my “Before Pictures”.  Now, I know why fitness program before images of people look so sad. For one, its so uncomfortable knowing that your almost half naked to show….well how FAT you look. Needless to say, my pictures are well…Good Lawd !  you really need to lose the weight.

Clothes and confidence does a good deal of hiding the reality of where your body stands, but looking at my pictures made me realize wow it’s time to stop joking around and get to business. (No I’m not posting those pictures up, so don’t bother scrolling down) Though I am not trying to set myself up for failure, meaning I don’t plan on winning this challenge-but to compete and challenge with myself. I did this to follow a structure that will motivate me to stay focused and on schedule.

So I am happy to announce that I am on my 2nd week Day 3 of my challenge, and so far so good. As always life wants to interfere with flu symptoms last Friday, but I was able to conquer it and get back on schedule this past Monday. Also the challenge has opted me to try new things such as Bikram Yoga last week. (Hot Yoga in a room of 105 degrees and about 40-50% humidity) Now let me tell you Bikram Yoga is no joke, and for a first timer WOW was it hot in there, but I made it through the entire class and I loved it! Unfortunately, I haven’t been back since then because I got sick but hope to attend at least 2 sessions before the beginning of next week.

Since the 13.1 I gained 12 lbs so I’m at a 220 lb well that was when I started last week. (yea I know, hard to believe, well don’t let my last picture in my running gear fool you, thats the frontal pic, lol) What I liked about Bikram Yoga is that, even though you may feel insecure with your body…NO ONE IS LOOKING. Everyone comes in picks a spot on the floor and when the session begins it’s about focusing on yourself in the mirror. Then once it’s all over, you feel like you totally accomplished something really huge in your life. You feel like new again mentally, and ready for the next thing…it was awesome I tell you. You should try it sometime.

So I will end with my stats and every now and then I will update on a posting, to show you and myself my progress.

Age: 32
Height: 5″7′
Weight: 218 lbs

Goal Weight: 155 lbs
Total to lose: 63 lbs
Goal Date: June 7, 2013


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