Fall Back Blues

Change-Clocks-Back_s640x427I’m really tired of the whole winter process.

It really makes it hard for me to get up early and go workout. I literally find myself dragging to the gym at 6:30am! Why is that? Oh I don’t know, maybe because it s pitch black still at 6am, when the alarm goes off!!

I am a morning person, but this Fall Back time change is still killing me since November. My body loves daylight, and can sense it coming through the window. But this “darkness” it’s just messing with my workout routine. I wake up as the alarm goes off, and turn it off. I look at the time and sigh at not only how dark its still is outside but how cold it is. It’s 17 degrees today!  Ya think I want to be out there? Just walking from my car to my office today had my face hurting. So as I sat here ranting about time and darkness, I googled to see when Spring Forward would take place…March 10th !! Aye dios mio, give me more strength to make it to the gym for the next month and half.


4 thoughts on “Fall Back Blues

    • I’m with you on that! Lets cross our fingers! Hopefully, I can make it to the gym before 6:15am so I’m not rushing through my workout, or skipping the 20min cardio at the end of it, lol.

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