A White Out Morning, Can’t Stop Me!

IMAG1366Woke up to a typical morning (finding a reason to not make it to the gym). I check my phone and noticed a alert text from our counties school “2 Hour Delay”. Therefore that meant snow did in fact fall, and like a 7 year old, I jumped out of bed and ran to my window. Sigh our first snow fall (Finally!). Knowing that I didn’t have to rush to get my daughter up for school. There was no reason to skip my gym workout today, and I made it!

After my workout, as I drove home and observed the paranoid drivers in this weather. I thought to myself…yea I can see how some people say “The DMV panics with a bit of snow fall”. Then I realized why snow never phases me when I’m driving. I lived in Detroit for 2 years in college. So any time the DMV gets snow, Pssssh it’s nothing compared to living in the Motor City, lol. Snow fall there is serious, it would come up to mid-thigh–you couldn’t even walk a block without your legs feeling needles in them, and your nose hairs crystalizing as you breathed in–seriously not joking, lol . The interesting part is, it didn’t phase the Detroiters–and thats what I loved about living out there in the winter.

Anyway, workout was awesome and have lots of energy this morning! Want to see the workout I followed? Check it out below. I wasn’t able to fit in 20min cardio at the end of it, but definitely get in this evening with my little girl with “Just Dance 4” on the Xbox 360.

Lowe Body Workout:
Freehand Jump Squats      2 sets| 15 reps
Plie Dumbbell Squats         3 sets| 20 reps
Barbell Side Split Squats    3 sets|15 reps
Clean                                       3 sets| 12 reps
Leg Press                                3 sets| 15 reps
Seated Leg Curl                     3 sets| 15 reps
Leg Extensions                     3 sets|15 reps
Seated Calf Raise                  3 sets| 15 reps


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