A Road to Fitness Motivation and Inspiration.

2012 Olympia Weekend
74523_488598714525738_222483460_nAs I mentally prepared Friday night, for my Saturday morning HIT Full Body workout. I hopped onto Bodybuilding.com for inspiration and motivation.

It was the best thing I could have ever done. During my viewing of videos of making sure I use proper form, I eventually bumped into a Brazilian IFBB Figure Pro, IFBB World Champion named Gal Ferreira Yates…WOW, Beautiful physique. Then after googling her I found videos of her doing her workout, and this woman is no joke. I instantly was so motivated and inspired by her workout ethic and focus–that I couldn’t wait to go to the gym and find my focal point as well, lol. Naturally, I am not lifting no where near as her, but it’s definitely awesome to know and see a woman’s ability of strength.

38758213652769978339210I know some  women may think this is way too much muscle mass (heck some men as well), to their liking–and I’m not saying I want to be this rock hard either. The top two are more then likely at her competitive state and the last one seems to not to be exactly. As you can see she looks a bit softer, more then likely because she’s holding more water in her body. This last image is my inspiration and motivation. I loooove her thighs and arms, they are fantastic, and not to sound like a stalker, I clipped a couple of more pictures to add to my visual board.

On Saturday morning…it was AWESOME! I was on such a natural high (ok and on some fat burner supplements), that I was so pumped to get started. I got to the gym and  reviewed my routine one last time. I started my workout and looked for a focal point and went hard with my music and determination like Ms. Yates. At the end I felt so accomplished and proud of myself, that I knew I can train myself hard without the help of a trainer or anyone…well for now since I’m not a heavy lifter. BUT, you have to start somewhere.

Want a peak at my Saturday routine? Check it out below:
All 3 set | 15-20 reps  with only one minute of rest, between the circuit.

Push Press
Barbell Deadlift
Bent Over Barbell Row
Wide-Grip Lat PullDown
Stiff Leg Barbell Good Mornings
Dumbell Rear Lunges

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