PTA Mom, Reporting To Duty.


“THUMP”… Is what it felt like today. Being part of a PTA leadership can be quite daunting to a parent, especially if you have a day job–but if you are pretty organized and have good time management skills…iiiit can be somewhat doable, lol. But I can tell you this 1 Term as PTA leadership on a board–is more then enough. Though I say it’s doable, it is time consuming and can take toll of the downtime you usually have. I can tell you in the beginning, it got crazy, I barely could get dinner ready, I would literally go straight from work, pick up  my daughter, go through a drive-thru for dinner and eat on the way to an evening meeting. It was crazy, and quite frankly, I couldn’t believe what I got myself into–there was at one moment that I couldn’t even get to laundry for two weeks straight!

ptalolBut besides all the Busy-busy-busy, it has its positives–or at least in my experience I think it does. I can definitely proudly say that everyone in the PTA in general and Board of the PTA I NEVER, came across the stereotype of “One of those Moms” like you read about on other mom blogs venting about PTA. In fact, everyone is very understanding and diplomatic. Yes, you have the occasional personality clashes on the differences of opinions–and thankfully it never gets personal or at least we are professional about it, lol. So in that matter I consider our PTA to be very lucky. Anyway, my term is up a the end of this school year (can’t wait!), but I have to say it has definitely educated me so much more on my counties school system. I never thought I would learn so much information on how the school system runs and how the families of our county devote their time to bring the best programs and resources to our children in the county. Overall it’s been a great experience, but I’m ready to be just a regular PTA parent and stick to coordinating the PTA Festival of Cultures, which I brought back last year in November-when I got on board, because no one wanted to step up to do it in 6yrs, smh (just in case “smh” mean shaking my head, lol.)  And I like that we have fathers involved as well in our PTA then just the moms, it’s great to see their involvement. Well, back to my PTA duties this evening (sigh) Duty calls.


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