Superbowl Sunday! Lets Be Happy and have Space Babies!

Are you ready! I’m ready!

I’m not just ready to see the brothers (Ravens) go at it with their teams (Ravens). But I’m ready to see an awesome game (Ravens) along with a great half time show. OH most importantly, who can wait for the commercials! I am a creative, and boy do I look forward to the advertising concepts. So far the two that have come across through the Super Bowl media of commercials have been awesome! They grasp my attention and have me laughing like whaaaaaat, thats funny. The Volkswagen Super Bowl  2013 Game Day commercial, just awesome. I dyed laughing when the guy responded “Yes I, Di Land of Ten Dousand lakes, Da Golfa state!” OMG, this commercial didn’t miss a beat all the way through. Just Genius, cause it sure made me happy.

Then there’s the Kia commercial, a little slow in pace, but the ending only a parent can relate and understand the true feeling of that moment, again just too funny.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? (Ravens,lol) I am 🙂


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