SuperBowl Champions!

377623_414943488591617_1530136782_nOne of many amusing images that started trending on Facebook and Twitter, lol. LOVE IT! And OMG! Did you watch the game! It was fantastic!! If it hadn’t been for Jacoby Jones “OMG” plays. I swear, thats what pushed the Ravens through.  A 108-yard kickoff return against the 49ers…a NFL postseason record! It was so awesome to watch it happen, as I heard myself saying “get-it-get-it-get-it…..YES!!!”  But I will say this, after the first half I was biting my nails and that my friends is when 2 great teams make it a battle to the end. Though the lights going out in the stadium made it seem like the Ravens had lost their momentum, they made it! Congrats to our Baltimore Ravens you brought us our trophy.

Did you have favorite play you can’t stop talking about today?


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