Pictures Don’t Lie.


Me, far left corner.

Well the usual happened, for the last week and half , I have lost focus.

Work, Mom duties, and Sisterhood quality time took over my schedule. While there were real busy moments, I have to admit some were worth it. Especially having time in connecting with my Sorority sisters from my college years, along with sisters I never met before, to interested undergrad ladies. However, with being M.I.A and attending events last week–along came the crazy Facebook (FB) picture tagging, lol.

valNilta2.2013529476_10151756973093298_1741730315_n(Sigh)…Man oh man. The moment FB alerted me that I was tagged in pictures, I cringed to myself. What? I’m just saying-keeping it real, lol. Anyway, I went and woooow, first all I could focus on was how round my face was and OMG HOW TIRED I Looked! (looking set-up). Clearly, I’m not working-out hard enough…aaaand maybe eating what I shouldn’t beyond my cheat day on Saturdays. But what can I say, I just need to be better about it, and Spring is around the corner and I want to make my transformation by October. I’m starting to think I may want to get checked out for Thyroid problems. The more I read into it–I notice I have most of the symptoms–not all a once but I can definitely say I can relate with the symptoms especially how I’m having such a hard time dropping the weight and when I do everything correctly. This means one thing, I will have to get tested at some point, hopefully soon this summer when my contractual job goes Full-time with Benefits, smh.

profile ME me2.2013WTH! sorry for the french But where the heck is my chin!! OH NO…The truth be shown. Oh, on the next picture, that’s my little one.

Sigh……yes I know don’t be  so harsh. But seriously if I’m not going to be realistic with myself and truthful–then who else?

64531_516170698565_1566479132_nAfter viewing the pictures (clearly there were more), I felt I had to justify with a better picture and updated on my FB wall, lol. I took this picture yesterday morning before going to a business meeting, but honestly, don’t just want to be a girl with a pretty face. I know my potential as a full-package 🙂 and I want to feel good inside and out. Got to get sexy back, I just have to. No more excuses.

Well back to my planning board, I need to take full control and stop going off my workout routine and losing control or I’m going to get no where near my goal. I only have this life to live, and I want to look good, be healthy and feel awesome.

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