The Backseat of a PTA Mom.

At my age of 32 and graphic design professional, you would think I have all myself together and well organized. Well what you see in the photo I posted, is the after math of PTA moms evening meeting. You’d almost think it is the back seat of a preschool teacher with all those pencils. Sadly to say, that didn’t just happen….I threw that back there last week on Thursday, and haven’t been able to get around to it, because it’s been too cold outside to clean my car.

Naturally I would love my car to be clean as a button, but when you’re a single mom, with a job that’s 40 miles each way, and the leadership of your 2 local schools PTA— because they are split schools. Life is simply just go-go-go. Oh! And I get up at 5am to get ready to go to the gym. If I don’t, it just won’t happen. Hopefully, once my term is over in June, I can focus more on my personal home to-do list and up on my gym time—since I won’t be stressing anymore if I didn’t get anything done or miss or plan a meeting for PTA.



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