No flowers on Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day!!! 

No more flowers for me anymore! Don’t worry not a bad thing at all. You see last year for Valentines my loved one finally figured that I just don’t have a “Green Thumb”. Roses (and flowers) die on me, I swear I follow the instructions for their water and food but I just don’t have it. So he’s going to do Edibles from now on, and I don’t blame him–I am ok with that, lol.

Though Larry and I would always turn our cheeks the other way to this particular day every year, the last 3 years we have slowly embraced it. We both believe that you should express and show your love everyday, and not just one day. But the more we grow together the more acceptable we have become to the celebration.

That is why I am excited for this evening because the little one will be staying with grandpa, while we celebrate the evening out for dinner, drinks, and fun. You know your loved one is your best friend when your evenings are comical and memorable every single time. It is amazing how you can truly be yourself with that person and not feel judged in any shape or form.  There is  no need to impress but just be the loving person that you are naturally because if you are that is the one reason why your significant other loves about you.

Also, don’t forget about your closest friends who care and love you when they have been there for you and heard your venting even when you have repeated your mistakes. So send them a simple text and acknowledge them too.

Have a loving day!


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