Moms Home Packed Lunch

Before my daughter started 3rd grade this school year. She and I were fed up with school lunches.  As I looked at monthly menu calendars sent home or asked about how her lunch was that particular day, they were always loaded with high carbohydrates, sugar, starch, and barely any protein.

So, this school year I have been making all her lunches. Now it is easier said then done, because you sometimes have to get more creative then you think. Or maybe because as a mom you simply want to give your kid a “Kick A**” lunch, that they give you props and acknowledgment at the end of the day.

Challenging part of making lunches for school could be because they are technically cold lunches that don’t need reheating. However, it has been 7 months now and I think it’s down packed to the lunches she enjoys the most.

  • Ham, Turkey, Salami Sandwich, Mini Carrots w/Ranch Dressing, and Pomegranate.
  • Tuna Salad, Clementine, Pineapple slices, and 4 Girl Scout Mint Thins
  • Turkey Wrap, Pineapple, Carrots,

But some how she ALWAYS requests her favorite default to the Traditional Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwich majority of the week. Well, I can only do my best.

Here is a photo of the only one time I took a picture of her lunch. I was pretty satisfied with what I had packed for her.


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