Let the 13.1 Training Begin

I have officially registered for the 2014 Baltimore Half Marathon on October 18, 2014. I did my first half marathon back in October 2012…alone, who does that?

Well, my mother had passed away in September 2011 and given that she was a Olympic high diver in the 50s it was my way to tribute to her–that I have what it takes physically and mentally to conquer something not everyone can do. For me it was about completion and it took me 4:03:12.

This time around I have convinced my love Larry to join me on this journey. Given that I will have company this second time around makes it even much more exciting. We started training as of last week and he’s already getting nervous–given that we had a challenging first 3 mile long run at noon with the sun beaming on our heads. But having 1 half marathon under my belt, I am able to ease him that it will be ok as long as we train and eat right.

Let our training journey begin.



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