Pizza vs 2 mile Run

Yesterday was suppose to be a normal easy run of 2 miles.

However, my normal commute from work to home of 1hr 15min turned out to be 2hrs. By the time Larry and I finally made it to the Lake our desire to run vanished. Instead Larry and I sat on a bench (where we usually stretch before running) and indulged in conversation about our day as we watched my daughter on the pier talking to kids and fisher men.

As we sat there I mentioned that it be nice to have a house by a lake, seriously–who can get tired of this view.


Photo by MsKirian

Because we all rushed to get to the Lake thinking we would run, we didn’t even bother with dinner. So once the sun went down, it started to get chilly and we started to get hungry. Trying to be a good mom I said “Oh I’ll just be making fruit smoothies for dinner” but by the time we walked back to the car I said, “I’m really craving pizza”. Can you say, Fail!


My daughter enjoying pizza with Larry and I on the trunk of the car.

So our 2 mile run evening actually ended up like this….

Bad I know…I have no idea what to even say about this.


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