4 miles and 10 weeks to Race Day


This past weekend on Saturday, Larry and I survived our 4 mile long run. While Larry caught a cramp on his hamstring at the last mile…like in a movie he said “Go on without me, I’ll be okay–don’t let me hold your progress”. (Aww)

However, before I did. I made extra sure that was what he wanted and that he was okay (because during race day–there is no way I will leave my man behind, lol). He was able to push through it and finish the 4 miles a few minutes right behind me. I am happy that he is doing his best and like I tell him it’s about completion, not time. We sat on the grass stretching and reflecting on our run, he mentioned that he was almost in a zone before he caught the cramp. Excitedly, I mentioned that he was experiencing his first “Runner’s High” as I also started too get, into in my run.

Slowly he is developing into a runner, and even though he and I are facing challenges such as knee, hamstring, hip pains and pulls that sometimes Motrin doesn’t cut it for us. We manage or at least I manage to keep it positive and fun that we are getting ready to do a half marathon in 10 weeks as a couple, and that we will have a story to talk about in the “long run”–with a awesome medal to show for it. And because of that we stay motivated because we know we can do it, besides trying to just shed excess weight and losing our registration fee, lol.

Now forgive me but I wish I had pictures of our run at the lake, but somehow my mind isn’t programed to snap pictures. Like what kind of pictures should I be even taking? As runners how do you document your story?


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