Week 6: Half Marathon Training

It’s been about three weeks since I posted about my training progress for the half marathon I’m doing in October…how’s it going? Let’s just say I’m surviving.

Last weekends long run was a 6 mile run. While it was humid and drizzling on and off you think it would be great, but it was a bad run day for me. I had barely got to the second mile when I was almost ready to quit, but because my loved one was having such a good day running next me, and annoying me by saying things like… “You signed us up for a marathon”, “You don’t want to lose your $100 right?”, “you are the runner!”

I started to think am I really literally a Wanna-Be-Runner? I want to say 50% of me is… I thought about it so much I even thought of my own WannaBeRunner Apparel. What do you think?

When I feel like a runner, I feel strong and in a zone like I can keep going forever. But then there are the bad days where I just don’t have it in me. I have yet to feel excitement when driving to the site, for practice runs during the week let alone at long runs on Saturdays. But like I said once I start running, I am either all for it or not. However, I dare not quit even if it’s not in me, I do what I tell my beloved. It’s not about time, but completion…even if it means walking it to the end.


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