He Fell in Love with the Road

As Larry and I continue our journey together in training for our half marathon in October. You could say we have encountered things you wouldn’t expect–then again better during training, then on race day.

After week 6’s encounter, we have been preparing ourselves well before long runs. Week 7 long run of 8 miles was a total success, no problems. Week 8, our long run dropped to an easy 4 mile run and we weren’t complaining. We also opted to running on the roads rather then park/lake trails because if you haven’t noticed Fall is here and it gets dark quick. Plus, we don’t want to be worried during our run of getting ticketed for being in a park after dark. After completing the run, Larry fell in love with road running 🙂 and finally understood why I easily got bored on trails and why I always suggested new routes.

Soon week 9 approached and we decided to take a very hilly run in our city. Though those hills may look intimidating visually, they actually were not so bad. However, just as we were getting in our zone and all fully warmed up by 1.5 miles of our 9 mile run. Larry stops all the sudden, and motions me to look at his leg. I asked “what? a cramp?” grabbing at his calf and he says “NO! My foot! Look under my foot! There something in my shoe!” as I bent lower on one knee to see I said “Oh Sh*T!” you need to take your shoe off! I can’t get that out from here.”

Look at that huge nail! We were so shocked how it just nudged itself in the shoe perfectly in the hole. Thankfully it only poked up to the bottom of his heel and broke no skin…but WOW–just crazy. Anyway, after a good 10 minutes trying to get it out–we finally did and continued our run without a problem. I know you shouldn’t always look down at your feet when you run, but you definitely need to watch your step as a runner especially near construction sites. I’ve always enjoyed running on the road and now that Larry seems hooked on it and not wanting to go back to the lake. I may have created a monster.

To my fellow road runners stay safe and alert of your environment.


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