Eating Clean, Is Not Hard Afterall

It’s officially the end of my second week since I said “enough is enough” and decided that it’s time to eat clean and have a better healthy lifestyle.

While I forgot to take a picture at my starting weight on day 1 of 230lbs. I managed to record it at some point during the first week and will continue to record my progress…for real this time. I will be accountable for my self–no excuses and no hiding.


Week 1 – Started eating clean on June 1, 2015


Week 2: June 8-12

So far in 2 weeks of eating clean, I have lost 6lbs. I have to admit that is damn good–who knew? And I didn’t even feel deprived per-say nor hungry. I don’t want to get over excited, but I can see myself through it to October 1st and beyond as a lifestyle. The greatest thing about this decision, it’s easier to apply it to my daughter because we don’t have to eat different things. We simply eat clean foods and it’s teaching her to make better choices as well.

I also decided to create my own hashtag on my instagram account ( #MsKiriGetFit) and snap pics of what I eat. Just to help me stay accountable. I don’t think I will do it for every meal but definitely to keep me inspired and motivated. I have to do this I don’t want to be in the 200’s ever again nor next summer. I have been doing this to myself for too long and I can not say hello to another summer with trying to cover up because I did not or failed to do something about it.


Mind Over Matter–I Must do this.

(My first meal in my journey to a healthier me)

Since my last half marathon last year in October, I have put on even more weight… A LOT of weight. I believe I was 218 lbs. then and now a whopping 230 lbs. as of yesterday–when stepping on the scale.

While having the need to train for longer distance, my body became hungrier and I simply lost control. After letting my body recover from the half marathon, I simply stopped cold turkey and I guess I gave up too along the way. I know it’s because while training for the 13.1 run I just knew I would lose weight, but it never occurred to me to strictly watch my calories and “EAT CLEAN”.

Instead of eating clean meals or snacks after training to carb up for a bit of energy. My boyfriend (who also trained with me to run 13.1 last year) and I would head out to pick up a pizza–I know right. We have totally lost it since then, but more so I think I have lost myself in food. I love food, I enjoy food, but I also desire to be a healthy fit person. But it’s so hard! I feel pathetic everyday, when I read or follow fitness and clean eating accounts on social media to motivate me, and still eat what I want and not what I should. I’m a hypocrite!

So about 2 weeks ago, I thought to myself I can not bring myself to turn another year older and still look the same or in this case even “bigger”. I for one, love seeing my physician–but refuse to make appointment till I weight 218 or less. Most importantly, I want to live long for my daughter and loved ones. I rather die for being old then to a health issue that could have been prevented. And the fact that turning 35 is around the corner, I just have to make it happen–I’m not getting any younger. So as of June 1st, I have started again to focus on being healthier for weight-loss. I have set my first goal for October 1st to show myself, that I can do it and bring a happier and healthier me. I don’t know what kind of transformation I can do in 4 months, because I lack motivation. But I am willing not to quit anymore and make better choices of what I eat.

I love myself, but most of all I love my family…”Mind Over Matter”…I must do this.

Run as a team, I leave no one behind!

We did it!! Yes this was the song I started to sing to Larry with one mile left to complete our first half marathon as a couple–it was totally worth the experience together.

You think you start off planning everything accordingly, but with all the excitement of my daughter doing her first Kids Fun Run at the 2014 Baltimore Running Festival this past Saturday. Well, you get carried away with the run arounds and what not. This led to Larry and I being real late to the start line of our half marathon. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how late because for the second time in a row, I fail to wear a watch to a half marathon. We were so late that we couldn’t tell where our start line was that we almost ran the full marathon course, but we figured it out and we were on our way.

As we began–we started off so quick that Larry’s hamstring injury from earlier in the week started to agitate him. To top it off, the first 1.5 miles there were NO spectators, we couldn’t even see cones signaling our way into the course–panic almost set in. It was like a movie scene, as I looked back at Larry, his arms went up…”Go on without me” “My hamstring not going to make it!” I stopped and replied “NO! I”m not leaving you–I told you this!”. Larry: “You run I will hold you back”. Me: “I SAID NO! If we have to walk then so be it!” “We can walk it all the way if needed until officials kick us out–if they have to.” We just need to get to mile 3 where we meet with the full marathon course before they open roads” “Lets just do what you can and take it from there!”

I don’t know how we got through the first 3 miles but I can tell you this we never walked and ran (shuffled, lol) so fast. Luckily Larry’s hamstring was just warming up but still he had issues with it through the run. The few spectators that were left or about to leave with their “Run like Zombies are chasing you” sign, by the 3rd mile mark were awesome. Still cheered us on and even a group had their own unofficial table with snacks for runners. We were about 100ft from meeting with the full marathon course at the 3rd mile when the marathon officials were following slowly behind us with their car because they were getting ready to open the roads behind us. BUT WE MADE IT and we continued the course with the rest of the runners.

From that point on it was quite an experience, I had so much fun running with Larry then alone when I did it the first time 2 years ago. You have someone to talk to, laugh with and fart with LOL (thanks snack station at 7.5 mile (20.5mile-Full) with Salt & Vinegar chips), just saying it happens when you run these things–what can I say. <shrugs> Runners around us would sometimes come up and make comments. One woman came by saying: “Can I ask you a question?” We: “Sure!” Woman: “Why did we sign up for this again?!”. Another runner mentioned: “YOU LIED ABOUT ALL THESE HILLS!”.  But really I have to give a shout out to the best two groups of spectators with their unofficial water stations. Around 7th mile (20mile-Full), shout out to the table with wine shots for runners! And a shout out to the 10th mile (23rdmile-Full) with a their unofficial water table of beer shots! They were both refreshing.

While Larry and I were not doing it for time but for completion, I have to say I am so proud of him for training with me and going through with it. It was the best thing we have done together and I can definitely see that we are an awesome team. Here’s to many more runs with him as our next one is The Color Run in DC on November 1st.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.05.04 PM

Ready to PlowON and RunHON!

So week 10, of our longest run of our 12 week training (well 13 we started a week early) came before we even knew it. It was the longest 10 miles in 2 yrs for me and first for Larry. It was tough with the variety of hills it had, but luckily not mentally. At the end Larry and I both knew we have this 13.1 in our pockets–that is for completion. 🙂

Then the last 2 weeks of training were easier runs which went so fast that the next thing I knew, I got our E-Cards to pick up bibs at the Baltimore Running Festival EXPO at the Baltimore Harbor. These EXPOs are like kids in a candy store….literally….see…. Love PlowOn Gum.

AND them BAM! We got our official Bibs can’t you tell we are excited for tomorrow!


16 Things I Experienced As A Half–Sibling

blog halfsiblingSo I fell upon a post of “16 Things Only Half–Siblings Understand” on BuzzFeed by Leona Epstien. While I wish growing up this was actually the cookie cutter for me during childhood, it was the actual opposite. I totally think that if “ALL” half-siblings can learn to be this way like the post–it would totally be amazing 🙂 But lets face it, not everyone can get along in LIFE.

Before I begin here’s a little background. My mother married and had 4 children in her first marriage 2 boys 2 girls. Then years later she divorced and remarried and I was born. The youngest of her 4 children was my half-sister who’s about 20-something years older then I. All I know is that when my parents started dating she was a young teen along with her older brothers and sister. Naturally, at that age you can’t really understand why your parents would leave each other for another person. As children we believe in the traditional two parent household, but again LIFE just happens.

My “understanding” or should I say experience with having half-siblings was mostly with the youngest half-sister because she pretty much stayed home till she got married in her mid to late 30s. Which as Americanized as I am (came to U.S. when I was 5 now in my mid 30s)…well was a big no-no because in my view at 18 years of age or by early 20s you need to leave home and be an adult. But I am a Latina and therefore I understand my culture and why it’s is not seen as a bad thing. Well the next 16 things listed below are based on growing with my youngest half-sister and the drama that came with it. I know for a fact that she never liked that I was born because I took her attention and spotlight. Like with her other siblings, I am simply seen as the child from the “other man that took their mother from their father”.

So here are my responses. I think you will learn more then you expected about me today.

1. BuzzFeed: You may have a considerably large age gap

True. There is a considerably large age gap in mine. I am in my 30s and the youngest of my mothers first marriage is in her early 50s (or possibly just turned 50) and if I am correct the oldest iiiiiiiis early to mid 60s? Yea I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she’s not 70 (my mother had me at 42–so she really thought she had menopause–surprise! She was prego!)

2. BuzzFeed: And if you have a large age difference, sometimes people make the uncomfortable mistake of thinking you’re a parent to your little half-sibs.

Not really. But what is uncomfortable is when my eldest half-sister son (my nephew) is older than I, lol. Very uncomfortable, when we hung out with his friends. He was in High School, and I barely just getting out of Middle School. Instead we opted-out to saying we were cousins.

3. BuzzFeed: You and your half-sib might look very different.

Toooootally, with the combination of my mother’s beauty and my dads’ greats looks. Yea I’m wrong, but it’s the truth.

4. BuzzFeed: You may even be different races.

Well….no we are all Latinos. But while they are all of lighter complexion and I darker–people tend to mistake me for Hindi. (I’ve learned to accept that comment)

5. BuzzFeed: But you love it when people think you two really DO look alike!

Excuse my bluntness….HELLs NO, thank Goodness that never happened or ever will.

6. BuzzFeed: And you always feel beyond excited when people ask out of the blue, “Are you two sisters/brothers?”

False, me: that’s my half-sister or half-brother. Other person: yea your brother/sister. Me: NOoo my half-sibling. Other person: But you have the same Mom. Me: Yea-so, still my half-sister or half-brother…I can keep going if you like.

7. BuzzFeed: You feel beyond annoyed when explaining your family structure, and someone says, “Oh, so you’re only half-sisters.”

False, I like to make it a point that the only relation between my half-siblings is due to our mother and that’s–that. So not annoyed, I need you to make sure you understand we are half-siblings–cause I’m total opposite of them.

8. BuzzFeed: And then people don’t understand why you WOULDN’T just always label your sib as your HALF-SIBLING.

No. Actually people don’t understand why I wouldn’t call them my sibling, since we have the same mother ‘anyway’.

9. BuzzFeed: There is no word for the parent you don’t share.

Actually I got plenty. For the other parent, “Wife Beater, Drunk, Lady’s Man, let me knock your teeth out”. I can only imagine what they name mine.

10. BuzzFeed: And if you grew up in a household with the parent of your half-sibling that you don’t share, you may still feel related to that parent.

HA! That’s funny are you Nutz!!

11. BuzzFeed: The first question people ask after finding out you’re half-siblings is, “Same mother or same father?” True.

12. BuzzFeed: Dealing with the fact that your half-sib might have a full-sibling. And like, does that make you something less?

Ugh no way! I know how to be real with people, be kind, giving. I am not full of greed and take advantage of who I can. I work hard to have my own. Reason to why I made sure I let all my half-siblings know back then that the day our mother passes away. I don’t want anything from her estate. They can have it all, because I will not waste my time in a feud among them as everything they touch, turns to water.

13. BuzzFeed: You may have a very large (and perhaps complicated) family.

Well I only acknowledge my side, and I like that fact that I am an only child from the second marriage.

14. BuzzFeed: Although one weird thing is that your half-sib has a whole other family outside of you.

Yes, true. But I live here, they live there–no need to get acquainted.

15. BuzzFeed: If you’re the younger half-sibling, you had a moment growing up when you grasped the concept of half vs. whole siblings. And it was kind of confusing.

Yes. But when I was of age to understand my father sat me down early enough to understand this concept because he saw the fore coming rejections of my half-siblings who would never see me as any level of sibling then “the other child”. Sad, but you can’t change ignorant people sometimes.

16. BuzzFeed: At the end of the day, you’ll always think of your half-sibling as just your sibling. Because they are nothing less..

Wrong, at the end of it all–they made my life growing up miserable whenever I was around them. I was treated like the ugly duckling that they could care less to acknowledge and hated for being better then their own children in my honors in school and getting a degree while most of them never bothered or simply quit, just like them. They never bothered to know what kind of person I was, then to just keep trying to put me down and judging me as a teen. Therefore, they remain as always half-siblings.


While the 3 eldest half-siblings (2 boys, 1 female) have never made an effort to change. The youngest half-sister who is now in her early 50’s and being that our mother passed away almost 3 years ago. She has made an effort to be better “sibling” per say. But honestly while I appreciate that she admitted last year to have been jealous that I took her shine as the youngest of the family growing up in the same house hold for so long and is sorry for her horrific physical fights and drama with me. I have to honestly say, it’s a bit too late for that. While I do however accept it, she has tainted me of who she and her sibling really are, to ever have any trust in the kind of people they are.

Also, while the only thing that ties us are the bloodlines of our mother running through us. I have to say that they truly missed out on the relationship they could have had with me. But that’s their loss, and I moved on. And I will still be cordial to her for trying because well I just don’t see why I should lower myself to treating her how she and her siblings treated me when growing up. I know better then that because, “I don’t care if you don’t like me, I love me”.

10 inches of Locks…Gone

Last weekend was my daughters 9th birthday–she has been bugging to cut her hair for the last 2 years and every year I said no…until last weekend.

After going to church I had set her appointment for 2pm to cut all her hair off. Luckily there was little over 10inches and were able to donate to Locks of Love. I leave you with a video and pictures as they say a thousand words.

By the way, she loves her new pixie cut.

VIDEO (click on image to see it)

BEFORE                                             AFTER


Growing up to Moms Music


I can remember vividly the music I grew up with. It happened every weekend, starting early on Saturday mornings.

I don’t know about everyones weekend rituals, but in my moms household it was turning her stereo first thing Saturday morning. Granted as a kid after a long week of school all you want to do is sleep in–but not in moms house. It meant lets start making the bed and go through my music tapes while I rearrange my jewelry box. As soon as I would hear her music in the mornings, I knew it was a matter of time before she came knocking on my door to get started on cleaning my room and chores. As annoying as it was to hear those songs in the morning, she exposed me to various artists she loved which I in turn learned to appreciate all types of music from latin music to jazz, country and all other genres.

Below are the top 5 I remember from artists my mom loved to play and my top 5 I liked for myself growing up.


1. Vicente Fernandez – Las Mananitas

2. Anne Murray- Could I Have This Dance

3. Vikki Carr – Ni Princesa, Ni Esclava

4. Nat King Cole – Quizas Quizas

5. ABBA – Mamma Mia


My TOP 5:

1. Stevie Wonder- I just called to say I love you

2. Magneto – Vuela Vuela

3. Gloria Estefan – Rhythm is gonna get you

4.  Madonna – Like a Virgin

5. Paula Abdul – Rush Rush



Prompt from the Daily Post at

Mother-nature’s mood Swings

Yesterday, when I arrived in Baltimore MD it started to snow. It started to look really bad, you could say it was almost total white out and no visibility. BUT, mother nature made you look, lol. I took some shots on my walk and well it’s pretty black and white. Who would even think it had snowed earlier that morning. I simply just had to share.

(Left) Main road in Baltimore MD taken at 10am (Right) Taken at 5pm same day.

(Left) Main road in Baltimore MD taken at 10am (Right) Taken at 5pm same day.


(Left) Taken in a Baltimore neighborhood at 10am (Right) Take same day at 5pm

(Left) Taken in a Baltimore neighborhood at 10am (Right) Take same day at 5pm

Not A Olympic 3m Springboard Diver, But Strong Like Mom

1385275_519882530025_787323257_n 1380240_519882525035_971075559_n

That’s my moms ID card from the National Olympic Committee of Guatemala for the Pan American Games of Central America and the Caribbean.

May she rest in peace and that she is enjoying the glorious heavens of eternal youth and happiness. Sadly she passed away too soon at the age of 78 in 2011, and though I did not know how to take the news of my mother passing–eventually it did hit me but very late. Death of a loved one and experiencing it for the first time, is so unreal…

Being that I was her youngest/only child of her 2nd marriage. She was very protective of me and loved to keep me under her wings. She always had a reason for me not to leave home. Maybe it’s our Latin culture, that your kids leave when they are ready or yet when they marry. She use to say, “Why go pay rent, when you have it all right here with me”.  You got admit nothing beats free rent, lol.

Anyway, since her passing I have truly found myself as an adult, a woman, and a mom. She was always my backup for everything. However, once she passed I worried if I was really ready for this type of world without her as my bodyguard….and YES, she prepared me very well (Thanks Mom). I am just as strong minded as she is, a go-getter, and accomplish everything I set my mind to. Though I’m not quite a high diver athlete like her (I’m scared of heights), I did wish she would have seen me cross the finish line of my first half marathon in 2012. I wish she could have seen me these 2 past years as the PTA prez of my daughters school and  how I revamped and motivated parents to bring back family engagement events that had been absent for years–she would have truly been my biggest cheerleader. I find myself everyday to be more like her, a woman who not only wants to put her skills and talents to work for the better of her community and organizations but to continue developing them by being an active role model in the community, but most importantly for my 8 year old daughter, who will also grow up to be a strong Latina just like her mom, Mamita (grandma), and of her generation.

I am a sadden Corcoran Alumna

Corcoran Graduation

My girls and I on graduation day in the atrium of the 19th century Corcoran Gallery of art building.

As a graduate of class 2006, it saddens my heart to hear the public announcement that the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and it’s art institute will be taken over by the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University.

I remember as an undergraduate hearing how the school/gallery was experiencing financial troubles, and how among students we were puzzled–as to how that could be? Given that tuition was already at about $27k per school year and that we were truly the “starving artists”. I can even recall a Fine Arts student in a hallway stressing how he was going to pay for next semester and how he may not be able to come back. Honestly looking back and now 8 years later it’s obvious that this was inevitable.

I am a proud Corcoran Alumnae and even though the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University are fine institutes to take over. I still feel that somehow our “Corcoran Legacy” has or is now broken. I hope that this change unfolds positively and that it really turns out as the best solution for our beloved Corcoran Gallery and Art Institute.

Article from Washington Post:

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 2.53.40 PM

My Class of 2006: Graphic Design