Running Family with friends

Ever since my half marathon in October its’ been like a 5k run ever two weeks. Larry and I did The Color Run at Nationals Park in DC 2 weeks after running our 13.1, then another 2 weeks later–I attended the Montgomery County “Girls On The Run” 5k with my daughter.

Out of the 3 runs this was the most rewarding as a parent, it was my daughters first 5k and she did her run/walk pace. I was so proud of her to keep motivated in picking goal points along the way of when to start running and walking. I told her about the tag-it lady I met during my 13.1, that we implied it with friends and tagged them as we passed them and slowed down to catch our breaths after tagging them. It was totally so much fun and she’s looking forward to her mommy’s promise. The promise was that after her first 5k, I will register her for “The Color Run” with me the next time I do it.

Run as a team, I leave no one behind!

We did it!! Yes this was the song I started to sing to Larry with one mile left to complete our first half marathon as a couple–it was totally worth the experience together.

You think you start off planning everything accordingly, but with all the excitement of my daughter doing her first Kids Fun Run at the 2014 Baltimore Running Festival this past Saturday. Well, you get carried away with the run arounds and what not. This led to Larry and I being real late to the start line of our half marathon. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how late because for the second time in a row, I fail to wear a watch to a half marathon. We were so late that we couldn’t tell where our start line was that we almost ran the full marathon course, but we figured it out and we were on our way.

As we began–we started off so quick that Larry’s hamstring injury from earlier in the week started to agitate him. To top it off, the first 1.5 miles there were NO spectators, we couldn’t even see cones signaling our way into the course–panic almost set in. It was like a movie scene, as I looked back at Larry, his arms went up…”Go on without me” “My hamstring not going to make it!” I stopped and replied “NO! I”m not leaving you–I told you this!”. Larry: “You run I will hold you back”. Me: “I SAID NO! If we have to walk then so be it!” “We can walk it all the way if needed until officials kick us out–if they have to.” We just need to get to mile 3 where we meet with the full marathon course before they open roads” “Lets just do what you can and take it from there!”

I don’t know how we got through the first 3 miles but I can tell you this we never walked and ran (shuffled, lol) so fast. Luckily Larry’s hamstring was just warming up but still he had issues with it through the run. The few spectators that were left or about to leave with their “Run like Zombies are chasing you” sign, by the 3rd mile mark were awesome. Still cheered us on and even a group had their own unofficial table with snacks for runners. We were about 100ft from meeting with the full marathon course at the 3rd mile when the marathon officials were following slowly behind us with their car because they were getting ready to open the roads behind us. BUT WE MADE IT and we continued the course with the rest of the runners.

From that point on it was quite an experience, I had so much fun running with Larry then alone when I did it the first time 2 years ago. You have someone to talk to, laugh with and fart with LOL (thanks snack station at 7.5 mile (20.5mile-Full) with Salt & Vinegar chips), just saying it happens when you run these things–what can I say. <shrugs> Runners around us would sometimes come up and make comments. One woman came by saying: “Can I ask you a question?” We: “Sure!” Woman: “Why did we sign up for this again?!”. Another runner mentioned: “YOU LIED ABOUT ALL THESE HILLS!”.  But really I have to give a shout out to the best two groups of spectators with their unofficial water stations. Around 7th mile (20mile-Full), shout out to the table with wine shots for runners! And a shout out to the 10th mile (23rdmile-Full) with a their unofficial water table of beer shots! They were both refreshing.

While Larry and I were not doing it for time but for completion, I have to say I am so proud of him for training with me and going through with it. It was the best thing we have done together and I can definitely see that we are an awesome team. Here’s to many more runs with him as our next one is The Color Run in DC on November 1st.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.05.04 PM

Ready to PlowON and RunHON!

So week 10, of our longest run of our 12 week training (well 13 we started a week early) came before we even knew it. It was the longest 10 miles in 2 yrs for me and first for Larry. It was tough with the variety of hills it had, but luckily not mentally. At the end Larry and I both knew we have this 13.1 in our pockets–that is for completion. 🙂

Then the last 2 weeks of training were easier runs which went so fast that the next thing I knew, I got our E-Cards to pick up bibs at the Baltimore Running Festival EXPO at the Baltimore Harbor. These EXPOs are like kids in a candy store….literally….see…. Love PlowOn Gum.

AND them BAM! We got our official Bibs can’t you tell we are excited for tomorrow!


Week 7: Checkers Fries On My Dashboard


Larry and I taking the new shady trail for our 7 mile long run.

This Labor Day weekend was quite an experience and almost a scary one–as week 6 came to its end.

It was 8 a.m. Saturday morning and I had only eaten half a bagel not knowing I would start my long run until 12pm. I had obviously not realized how much time had passed till Larry and I got to our running site. As soon as I got out the car, I could feel my tummy saying “feed me, it’s lunch time”. I figured I could ignore it and simply just tough it out for 7 miles and make the best of it.

BOY was I wrong. I reached 2.25 of my 7 mile run and completely started to lose my energy. I quickly couldn’t focus, lost total motivation, and started to feel weird–a weird I couldn’t even explain. Larry and I decided to sit down on the grass and after 10 min. Larry suggested we just try the 7 mile long run for Sunday, as there was no need to push ourselves and risk injuries of any sort. So that’s what we did.

Sunday came and I made sure I got up 2 hours before our run, ate a hearty breakfast and we got to our running site on time. I was ready and so was Larry, we were so excited to do our run because we decided to take a new trail. As we began our run we were pretty satisfied that the new trail had a lot of decent shade and every now and then we got some good wind. But little by little we didn’t realize how hot it was getting. Now…normally men sweat more then woman and Larry is a sweaty guy outdoors. Since we started our trainings, we did notice that he would be drenched after runs, and so far he’s been okay given that our 6 mile run the weekend before was through rain. But this particular Sunday it was above 90 degree weather which was hotter then usual–as we have been having a cooler summer thus far–but we were both about to have an experience we won’t forget.

Just as we were about to approach 5.5 miles of our 7 mile practice long run–I was feeling great with plenty of fuel for the last 1.5 mile. We approached the tiny creek bridge we go over and there stood a older lady and 2 men. As we got closer, she smiled and said “Ugh It’s really hot out here right!”, Larry responded back with agreement. Shortly after getting off the bridge and about 5 minutes, Larry started to cramp up so we stopped to stretch and walk a little. While it seemed to help, Larry’s legs only got worse. We decided we cut through our trail for a early water break at our car as it was indeed feeling really hot at that point and Larry was totally drenched with sweat. He began to replenish his body with liquids–As I was telling him he’s loosing too much water and sodium, his entire body began cramping. He started not to feel so great, so he lay on the grass–just in case he passed out he wouldn’t hit his head on anything.  I massaged his cramps, poured water and massaged ice cubes over his head and neck and stood near for anything he needed as he drank as much fluids as he could. It was long before he could get up and get in the car, he really needed some salty fast-food since gatorade wasn’t helping but couldn’t leave him alone till the cramping passed. As I sat next to him on the grass comforting him, I discussed that even though this was not good, it was good we are experiencing his body’s reactions to the training and that he is obviously loosing way too much water/sodium during long runs. It hadn’t affected him before because we were doing short runs to build up to our long runs and the reason he didn’t have any effects at our 6 mile long run was because it was raining unlike this particular hot, humid and sunny day. All that said, we concluded that he MUST carry a water backpack or belt to replenish with water with all the sweating he does at every mile and definitely start hydrating before the run.

Finally, were able to leave in the car and I took him to Checkers. As nothing beats a sodium overload like their burgers and fries. While eating he caught two more cramps, one on his index finger that passed and the very last one that sent his Checkers fries flying across the dashboard and car floor–his bicep decided to give him one good last cramp. While it was a scary thing on my end at that given moment, thankfully we were able to laugh about it right after the cramp passed.

I have to say that this was a crazy scary episode not just for Larry but also myself.  However somehow it didn’t phase us and has only motivated us to be stronger runners. Because the next day we hit the store for running gear and discussed what our running plans would be even long after we do our half marathon in October.

So to this Saturday coming long run… “Hey!!! 8 mile long run! Yea You! BRING IT!”

Week 6: Half Marathon Training

It’s been about three weeks since I posted about my training progress for the half marathon I’m doing in October…how’s it going? Let’s just say I’m surviving.

Last weekends long run was a 6 mile run. While it was humid and drizzling on and off you think it would be great, but it was a bad run day for me. I had barely got to the second mile when I was almost ready to quit, but because my loved one was having such a good day running next me, and annoying me by saying things like… “You signed us up for a marathon”, “You don’t want to lose your $100 right?”, “you are the runner!”

I started to think am I really literally a Wanna-Be-Runner? I want to say 50% of me is… I thought about it so much I even thought of my own WannaBeRunner Apparel. What do you think?

When I feel like a runner, I feel strong and in a zone like I can keep going forever. But then there are the bad days where I just don’t have it in me. I have yet to feel excitement when driving to the site, for practice runs during the week let alone at long runs on Saturdays. But like I said once I start running, I am either all for it or not. However, I dare not quit even if it’s not in me, I do what I tell my beloved. It’s not about time, but completion…even if it means walking it to the end.

4 miles and 10 weeks to Race Day


This past weekend on Saturday, Larry and I survived our 4 mile long run. While Larry caught a cramp on his hamstring at the last mile…like in a movie he said “Go on without me, I’ll be okay–don’t let me hold your progress”. (Aww)

However, before I did. I made extra sure that was what he wanted and that he was okay (because during race day–there is no way I will leave my man behind, lol). He was able to push through it and finish the 4 miles a few minutes right behind me. I am happy that he is doing his best and like I tell him it’s about completion, not time. We sat on the grass stretching and reflecting on our run, he mentioned that he was almost in a zone before he caught the cramp. Excitedly, I mentioned that he was experiencing his first “Runner’s High” as I also started too get, into in my run.

Slowly he is developing into a runner, and even though he and I are facing challenges such as knee, hamstring, hip pains and pulls that sometimes Motrin doesn’t cut it for us. We manage or at least I manage to keep it positive and fun that we are getting ready to do a half marathon in 10 weeks as a couple, and that we will have a story to talk about in the “long run”–with a awesome medal to show for it. And because of that we stay motivated because we know we can do it, besides trying to just shed excess weight and losing our registration fee, lol.

Now forgive me but I wish I had pictures of our run at the lake, but somehow my mind isn’t programed to snap pictures. Like what kind of pictures should I be even taking? As runners how do you document your story?

I’m still here!

Wow… I feel bad.

It’s been a little over 3 months from my last entry here–and I feel like I let you down on my progress updates. Well, I hate to say this but not much progress has happened. I have let my leadership role in my daughters school PTA take over again. While I have experienced more politics then I expected or to my liking in this PTA, it has indeed been a true learning experience. From initiative community supporter threatening me as a PTA officer to the entire group getting upset when they don’t hear, read, get their way. It’s interesting to know that–what once was a neighborhood I wanted to move into, has turned me off and look else where for my future plans. Larry (my boyfriend)  said I love the drama…..ok maybe just a little. But really it’s my own mission to put myself out of my comfort zone and develop as an individual for the different encounters I may face in the future. So on those words, July 1st I start my 2nd/last term in my leadership position. Crossing-fingers, that it’s much smoother and that I stay as sane being diplomatic, as I have been this last school year.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 1.59.41 PMBesides that, workout this week no good. I don’t know about some of you but I can not, I repeat myself CAN NOT workout with glasses. I am waiting for my order of contacts to come in, so I can get back on it. What? look I have those glasses that slide down my nose ever couple of minutes, and can’t bend over to pick up crap cause they fall off. Do you really think I will put up with them when I work out?! Heeell to the NO!

Sure I could workout without them, but I’m blind as a bat. I swear if there wasn’t such specialty glass for glasses. My glasses would literally be coke bottle glasses like this pup on this picture. At −5.50 yea I am and know I’m BLIND!

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 1.51.47 PMOn another note, you got to love summer–a chance to be outdoors and do more with the family. Over this past weekend Larry, my daughter and I went on our first fishing trip of the summer. It was beautiful morning, the spot we go to wasn’t open yet, so we drove around and found a pier where we could fish until then. I just had to take a picture it was a gorgeous scene as you can see in the picture. My daughter became inpatient after Larry caught the first fish of the day (catfish). But after 1pm it was burning hot and decided to check out our spot where we normally fish. After seeing that it was overly crowded we called it a day and went to lunch and headed home.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 2.24.03 PMThe first time out fishing is always a test drive for us. So hopefully the next time we are out there we catch more and get out there even before sun rise, and bring our 1yr old rat terrier “Pepper” or “Pepperoni” as we call him sometimes. I think it would be a great experience for him to be with the family fishing.

9 Weeks of Sweat, But going Strong.

4wk 8wk 12wk

Yes, I am still alive, and motivated in staying consistent on going to the gym. I have my bad days, but if I miss a day–I make sure to go the next day. So because I haven’t been quite on here for a moment, I decided I should weigh in for you. So take a look!!

So eleven pounds lost so far, naturally I would have loved to drop more, but the first 2-3 weeks I just wouldn’t drop anything. But then I switched my beef consumptions to chicken and fish. I have also upped on my cardio to 1 hour every other day. Then on lifting days, I make sure to do cardio either before or after it for 30min. So far it looks like it working, and have seem to found my rhythm in the gym.

11 lbs is a lot, but I know I can do better. Its been 9 weeks but even though its been slow melting the fat away–I know I’m also building lean muscle. Hey! it’s better for fat to melt away like molasses, then having the scale tip the opposite way. So check out my weigh in 🙂

Jan. 16, 2013

Age:  32
Height: 5″7′
Weight: 218 lbs

Goal Weight: 155 lbs
Total to lose: 63 lbs
Goal Date: June 7, 2013

TODAY. March 19, 2013

Age:  Still 32
Height: 5″7′
Weight: 207 lbs

Goal Weight: 155 lbs
Total to lose: 52 lbs 
Goal Date: June 7, 2013

In conclusion, my coworkers and family are starting to notice my transformation.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 12.24.29 PM

The Backseat of a PTA Mom.

At my age of 32 and graphic design professional, you would think I have all myself together and well organized. Well what you see in the photo I posted, is the after math of PTA moms evening meeting. You’d almost think it is the back seat of a preschool teacher with all those pencils. Sadly to say, that didn’t just happen….I threw that back there last week on Thursday, and haven’t been able to get around to it, because it’s been too cold outside to clean my car.

Naturally I would love my car to be clean as a button, but when you’re a single mom, with a job that’s 40 miles each way, and the leadership of your 2 local schools PTA— because they are split schools. Life is simply just go-go-go. Oh! And I get up at 5am to get ready to go to the gym. If I don’t, it just won’t happen. Hopefully, once my term is over in June, I can focus more on my personal home to-do list and up on my gym time—since I won’t be stressing anymore if I didn’t get anything done or miss or plan a meeting for PTA.


Deprived of the yummy things in the WOooorld, ugh.

chunky monkey
I haven’t posted anything in a minute….Only because I have been focusing on my workout and regimen plan. (Along with my PTA MOM duties, that I wish were over–4 more months, woosaah)

I seriously started a program last week on Monday with a new protein shake that got me excited (Labrada Pro8) and by Friday 2/22 I went from 218- 213lbs (yay!) Not bad. Of course that meant minimal carbs in my diet, and then NOOOO CHEATING and getting cardio days in, without skipping a beat.

Today, Day 10. I feel so deprived of the yummy things in the world. Im not a sweet tooth kinda gal, but boy what I would give for some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey lol. BUT NO (looks away) I can’t. I musn’t. I’m doing so good and June is around the corner, I would like to half way reach my Goal then. At the same time, I’m starting to get all vanilla-out from my protein shake–so definitely need to look to having various flavors. I tried to trick my mind a couple days ago by putting my protein shake in a vita-mix blender with a bit of water and ice cubes and turn it into  ice cream…..yea I won’t do that again, it was just ok. I could have done more to it, but remember I’m doing minimal carbs for now.

My cheat meal is on a Saturday evenings, so that was heaven–definitely looking forward to this coming Saturday. In the meantime I really try to stay motivated and look at motivational videos. One that has recently caught my eye is CT Fletcher on Facebook and Youtube. Though this crazy man has a Huuuuuge foul mouth, I can’t help but to watch his videos and get hyped about going to the gym. I don’t know what it is about him, lol he’s quite a character but most importantly he keeps it REAL. I have included the first video I saw of his and totally got hooked to watching all his other videos.