Running Family with friends

Ever since my half marathon in October its’ been like a 5k run ever two weeks. Larry and I did The Color Run at Nationals Park in DC 2 weeks after running our 13.1, then another 2 weeks later–I attended the Montgomery County “Girls On The Run” 5k with my daughter.

Out of the 3 runs this was the most rewarding as a parent, it was my daughters first 5k and she did her run/walk pace. I was so proud of her to keep motivated in picking goal points along the way of when to start running and walking. I told her about the tag-it lady I met during my 13.1, that we implied it with friends and tagged them as we passed them and slowed down to catch our breaths after tagging them. It was totally so much fun and she’s looking forward to her mommy’s promise. The promise was that after her first 5k, I will register her for “The Color Run” with me the next time I do it.

Stylish & Prepared Runners


Photograph by MsKirian

So it’s official, our family is becoming a running family. We all have gotten official running shoes to break-in for our planned goals this Fall.

Larry and I have our goal to complete the Baltimore Running Festival half-marathon in October. Now my 9 year old is inspired by us and she’s joined her schools Girl’s On The Run Team and they will Run in November. We are all feeling pretty stylish with our selection/style/color and fit of our shoes, nothing can stop us now.

Gotta love my matching nail polish too 😉

P.s. Our 8 mile run last weekend was awesome! No pains, no muscle cramps because we prepared for the unexpected. The last mile got hard but I pushed through it and considered it an awesome run.

No clock watching on holidays.

fireworks5-lr Hope you all  had a wonderful and safe July 4th yesterday.

I actually started my July 4th with a morning workout at the gym. I ran 2 miles, then biked for 5 miles. Then Larry met me at the gym and we trained legs–turning out to be a 3hr workout. Honestly, if workouts could be 3 hrs everyday I swear I would be a WHOLE lot closer to my goal. Plus the best part of holidays is not having to keep looking up at the clock. No worries about getting back home on time to get the little one up for school/camps or getting to work on time! Just a pure focus on a quality workout.

Being that I am a single mom, working full-time and commuting 80 miles a day and still getting home to make dinner is just freaking time consuming and tiresome–reason why I squeeze my workouts in the morning or else I won’t do it. I really hope I reach my goal in October. Speaking of October, I am trying to get Larry convinced to do the Baltimore Half Marathon. I did it last year, it was an awesome experience to know that I could push my body for 13.1 miles. I haven’t registered yet, waiting to convince Larry so I have a running buddy. I just think having him tag along would actually be more fun, then being in a sea of runners and crossing the finish line alone.

My Tiny Recap end to 2012.

Finally have my old posts up and now to start a new one for this year, so lets update–shall we.

So I did in fact accomplish my goal in running my first Half Marathon last year at the 2012 Baltimore Running Festival. The experience was awesome, and yes I would so do it again. What was my timing you ask? Well…I wasn’t doing it for time, as I am a slow runner. It was more for the challenge and the fact that it can be doable if you put your mind to it. Ok-ok it took me 4 hours, but damn proud of it. I even got a medal look!! And I have to admit, I was feeling my gear, lol.


Anyway, that was a huge accomplishment for me, I never thought I would finally do it. Only thing I did wish was that my mother were still living to have seen it, being that she was a former athlete herself.

Also 3 weeks later, I surprised my daughter with tickets to the Justin Bieber, “Believe” Tour, she was sooo excited. I remember the night I decided I would get her tickets to the concert. It was a Red-box night, and we rented “Never Say Never” (6-7months before the concert). That night she mentioned  with her lil face filled of amazement, “Wow mommy I wished I was there, it looks so awesome”, and sure enough I started looking for dates for the next tour the very next morning, the things we do for our kids. Gotta love them.430044_514133735655_1744568278_n598458_514504417805_1354584768_n

Euphoric Stage (come again?) (written 5/17/2012)

Ok after recovery from my back pains, it’s so far been 2 weeks of consistent running with no problems. Also, this week I started weight-training finally and created a workout from a couple programs I read on (Totally awesome move!) As soon as I started implementing free-weights, hooolly !@#$ %! those endorphins that I use to recognize in my college years, kicked in! It triggered the old gym-rat in me.

When I registered for the Baltimore Festival Half Marathon, I started to slowly change the way I ate. But as of today it finally went into full gear mode, my kitchen, freezer and cabinets no longer contain mouth watering temptations. If there’s a craving, I have the things I need that are good for my body. Also, I have slowly “manipulated” my 7yr old to trying things I am eating, and though it’s been hit or miss, she loves most of the new dinner dishes I have introduced for us (Thank you to my favorite site  and now

I leave you with a clip I saw on bodybuilding site on Duffy Gaver, and I know it will be hard to not pay attention to the AWESOME Avengers Movie scenes…But really listen to what Gaver says, he keeps it real.  My favorite part of the clip “They don’t own fitness, YOU ARE Fitness,” oh and the “Get your FAT !@#$ off the Couch!” sigh awesome.  Check it out.

Back to running. (written 5/7/2012)

So I took that x-ray, interesting enough it came back normal. But I will discuss it further with my doctor on Fridays appointment. Especially since, I still got a muscle spasm looking down into my purse, which sat on top of my cars trunk. (signs of age starting to show, who would have thought that–when I was teen, lol)

Anyway, after 2 long weeks of rest, I went for a 2 mile run Saturday, it felt great. Rested Sunday and ran another 2miles this morning…simply awesome. I think that’s what I need to do, run every other day for now instead of everyday. I think that was a close call to injury, since I am still a wanna-be-runner. Let’s see how this week goes with my runs and body toning in between.

PS. I think I am closer to the focus I need, to keep training for my 13.1 in October.